New leadership for Glanvilles FC ahead of domestic season

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By Neto Baptiste
The Glanvilles Football Club received a new lease on life following the recent electing of a new executive to lead the club’s charge into the 2017/18 domestic season and beyond.
Public Relations Officer (PRO), Alex Emmanuel, outlined that the election of 12 new officers came following the sudden departure of the previous executive which left the team in a quandary ahead of the ongoing President’s Cup.
The aim he said, is centered round building the club’s financial base while aiming for promotion to the top flight.
“We have set aside a date in November for us to have a breakfast at the field, and we are hoping to do other activities like a boast cruise, and maybe, a j’ouvert as we try to do some little socials within Seatons and Glanvilles as to bring back the community together because the players had some [issues] with the past executive and everybody just walked away from the team. And so, we are trying to build confidence and we need some money to help purchase things and we are looking forward to being back in premier with this new team,” he said.
Emmanuel revealed that the club is also on a vigorous recruiting drive that he hopes will better their chances of getting back to the Premier Division from which they were relegated last season.
“We have a sweet recruiting drive going on and we have to give much respect to Stefan ‘Yellow’ Daniel, and he is out there recruiting guys from both near and far. So we have to give thumbs up to ‘Yellow’ on his new position as well and his position is manager of the club,” he said.
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