New equipment worth US$30K for MSJMC

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A urologist at Mount St John’s Medical Centre (MSJMC) has welcomed an investment topping US$30,000 in equipment set to advance urology services offered at the hospital.

Urology is the branch of medicine that focuses on diseases of the male and female urinary-tract system and the male reproductive organs.

“I’m pleased to be equipped with the tools to use my expertise to advance urological care and men’s health in the island,” Adrian Rhudd MD said in a release.

“Modern medicine has advanced so much and now we are nothing without our tools and technology. This new equipment is going to transform the care we provide to our patients and it would not have been possible without the support of our Board along with the Minister of Health. For that, my colleagues and I are extremely grateful.”

The investment, spearheaded by the government, comes in the form of new surgical equipment which will give MSJMC’s urologists the ability to treat enlarged prostates and bladder cancers by using minimally invasive techniques.

“Also, very soon, the removal of kidney stones will also be added to the list of services provided by the hospital using endoscopic surgery, allowing patients greater flexibility and rapid return to work and other daily activities,” the communiqué stated.

MSJMC operates a referral only urology clinic; patients are asked to call 484-2727 for more information.

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