New calypso association promises to improve the artform

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Qualadli Kaiso Collaborative, the new governing body for calypso is hoping to revive and improve the calypso artform in Antigua and Barbuda.
The previous administration, Wadadli Calypso Association, which was headed by Adelza “Lypstick” Sheridan is no longer functional.
In an interview with OBSERVER media, Qualadli Kaiso Collaborative President, Eugene “Kaseba” Silcott, who acted as the interim president of the former body, said after a meeting with some 30 calypsonians it was realised that there was need for “change” moving forward.
He also stated that the structure of the previous association was not in the “best interest” of its members.
“We held a meeting at the Multipurpose Centre where we decided we should change the name and start from fresh. While doing that, we also recognised that the previous constitution was not in line or beneficial for the artists and to move the artform forward, we needed an association to look out for the interest of calypsonians,” Silcott said.
He said that his organisation’s “ideas and visions” are different from those of previous ones.
“Some of the objectives of Qualadli Kaiso is to improve the artform with mutual understanding in elevating the product, to rekindle and promote calypso and to promote self-help and mutual aid for calypsonians and the artform,” the president stated.
However, he added that these objectives can only be met if the membership “buys into the objectives” of the association which also aims to “assist” its members with preparation of their material for carnival and other events.
Some of the initiatives of Qualadli, which was registered in April this year, include pension for the artistes and negotiating with business places for discounts on purchases for them as well.
Silcott said that the benefits of being a part of Qualadli, which is about 30 members strong, is a “work in progress”.
Qualadli was the name of the native Amerindians who inhabited Antigua before the arrival of Christopher Columbus and European colonisation.
Silcott said some of the other executive members are De Arc, vice president; John Jarvis, treasurer; Omari King, assistant treasurer; Lady Spice, secretary; Dave Lester Payne, public relations officer; and Blondie, the assistant public relations officer.
The association is open to all calypsonians and non-calypsonians and people desirous of joining can register with members of the executive at a cost of $100, and the accompanying documents are a passport-sized photograph and a copy of one valid ID.
The calypso monarch competition will be held on August 3 at Carnival City, Antigua Recreation grounds.

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