Archaeologist named as Queen’s Birthday Honoree

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Dr. Reginald Murphy will be awarded a Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire as part of the 2018 Queen’s Birthday Honours.
Dr. Murphy has committed his life to archaeological research and education and for 25 years he helped to train hundreds of archaeology students who come to Antigua and Barbuda from all around the world for field school.
He told OBSERVER media yesterday that he is honoured to be recognised for his commitment that has resulted in many of his understudies becoming professors, forensic experts and working in a similar area of focus.
“The plan is to keep going and get better at this thing. It’s good to be recognised and people say thank you, but the reality is we have a long way to go still and there is a lot more for us to do,” he said.
This is the second time Dr. Murphy is being recognized locally for his work.
Since 1993, Dr. Murphy has worked as a professional, however, his love for the area of study was long before as he worked as an amateur for many years.
The archaeologist worked with the Historical Society and was educated in Canada.
He holds a diploma in construction management, a master’s degree in anthropology and a doctorate in archaeology.
“In between, there are courses you take to get those degrees – everything from construction management to historical preservation to architectural history. It is almost 15 years of study, it adds up, but you do what you have to do to get the qualifications. And then … just see where it takes you,” he added.

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