National sprinter speaks on the importance of giving back

Cejhae Greene
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By Carlena Knight

Being a good role model for the youths is something that is important to me, so says national sprinter Cejhae Greene.

The 25-year-old Olympian was speaking on the importance of giving back.

“Why I go to the track comes from when I was younger. When I was younger, I knew I wanted to see the professional athletes at the track. I wanted to see what they do because these are the guys you want to be like, eventually, on the professional scene. At the time that was Daniel Bailey. So, for me, it was more of doing the things that I always wanted to see when I was a kid,” Greene explained.

This is why he said when he comes home, he makes an effort to go to the track and speak with the next generation.

“For me, I wanted to see more of the athletes come home and be on the track even if they were just jugging. I just wanted to be there with them. I wanted them to share some of the knowledge they learnt. So, just speaking to the little kids I would walk and jug around and I would hear like ‘Cejhae, Cejhae, you good’ and I want them to feel like alright this is our professional athlete and he taking the time out to be here with us and to share what he knows with us,” he added.

Greene is still the only track and field athlete to qualify for next month’s showing of the Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan.

He returned to the country to compete in the National Track and Field Championships which was scheduled for this weekend but now postponed.

He will however join a string of other athletes who will compete in The Bahamas later this week.

The Willikies native shared that his focus is just to tweak a few things here and there in preparation for the Olympics.

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