National Athlete Vents On Social Media

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One national athlete has taken to social media in protest after not being allotted adequate uniforms in which to represent the twin-island state at the ongoing Commonwealth games in Australia.
Shot put athlete, Jess St. John, who attends the Kansas State University, posted Wednesday on social media platform Facebook, that she was scheduled to compete Thursday but that the uniform presented to her was too small.
“This is one of my biggest games I’ve ever been to and they are going to try and have me squeeze into such a small uniform. I am not going to be comfortable, I won’t be able to execute the way I want to in such a tight uniform, so I ask myself why I came on this trip and can’t even have a uniform to represent the country. It’s frustrating and the association does not communicate with the athletes,” she said.
St. John, who threw a personal best of 16.04 metres in January this year during a divisional meet in the U.S., labeled the Commonwealth Games as the “biggest of her life” thus far, and expressed frustration over the “lack of communication” between country and athletes leading into similar meets.
“I am just fed up. I am fed up with them having no sort of communication with the athletes. They have a bunch of clothes here because you’re in the village and you want to have on some gears or clothes to show which island you’re representing, but because of the lack of communication, all of the clothes I have are extra-large for me meaning they are too big,” she said.
St. John’s post quickly drew attention on Facebook with senior national athlete, Daniel “Bakka” Bailey, welcoming her to “the club,” while suggesting that her experience is a normal occurrence.
Additonally, national sprinter Cejhae Greene will not be part of the country’s men’s 4X1 relay team after having to return to the University of Georgia where he is in his final year.
St. John clocked 10:59 seconds in the second semifinals of the 100 metres sprint, finishing sixth.

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