Cricket head defends ‘Bouncing,’ says association open to dialogue

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President of the Antigua and Barbuda Cricket Association, Leon Rodney, has come to the defense of former national cricketer, Sylvester “Bouncing” Joseph, who is now a national selector but has since returned to coaching and playing the game here.
Rodney, who was responding to questions over possible conflict of interest regarding Joseph’s dual role, said the practice is not a new one, but said the association is open to all views on the subject.
“It has been happening for so long that I am not sure that now, because Sylvester does it, you are going to say he is wrong, because he is a selector. You have had coaches who coached national teams who have been part of the selection panel, and sometimes, even had to play games for their clubs, but it could be a conversation we have and it could be debated,” he said.
Joseph, who was an umpire at the start of the season, has since given up that role and is now coach of the New Winthorpes team.
The former Leeward Islands and West Indies player, however, made two appearances for his team over the weekend, after a number of players allegedly did not turn out for the matches.
Rodney said that because of the limited number of persons involved in the game at a community level, similar issues will always arise and that it comes down to an issue of management.
“Any how you put it, you are going to find people who are seriously involved in the game are also involved with a club, whether as manager, as a coach or as something that they are involved with in the club. So all of the selectors in some way or form are associated with a club. When I was the chairman of national selectors, I was coaching Empire,” he said.
When contacted, Joseph said he would not comment on the matter at this time, stating only that he had spoken to Rodney about his intentions ahead of making his decision.

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