Nation continues to grapple with unexplained deaths

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By Orville Williams

As the country’s medical sector continues to deal with increased pressure from the coronavirus crisis, so the number of unexplained “sudden” deaths in the country continues to rise.

The most recent incident involved 64-year-old Cleofoster Beazer, of Skerritt’s Pasture, who passed away last Friday after reportedly complaining of respiratory issues.

While the cause of death is not yet known, Beazer’s sister, Cherilyn Beazer, confirmed his death and disclosed that he was dealing with health issues.

“He had a recent surgery, about six weeks [or] two months ago, to remove an ulcer in his stomach and he does have an underlying condition,” she said.

Cherilyn also shared a bit about her brother’s life, saying, “he didn’t really work much, because he’s been sick for a while, but he is a father of six children and he’s 64 years old. He used to be a bartender and he used to be in construction [as well].”

The number of abrupt fatalities in the country in recent months has led some medical professionals to label the occurrence a “public crisis”. Some believe the spate may be an indirect, independent result of the pandemic and its varying effects.

Since late March, there have been almost a dozen sudden deaths in the country.

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