Muirhead: Coolidge has come a long way

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By Neto Baptiste

Former general manager for the Coolidge Cricket Ground (CCG), Michael Muirhead, is pleased with the level of progress made with regards to the resuscitating of the field housed at the once famous facility.

Muirhead, who tendered his resignation in February but left the role just last month, commended the staff for the work they have done, adding the field and pitch have received glowing reviews.

“I think there is a little more to be done and I know it is programmed to be done and if you noticed we are having more activities more frequently on it now, in other words, the resilience of the pitch, the grass and everything, it’s almost there. There are some patches that we still have to deal with but we have levelled, we have done everything and from all reports from, whether it be teams, coaches or whatever, they are very pleased with the square,” he said. 

A former CEO for Cricket West Indies (CWI), Muirhead also addressed reports that the facility has remained unavailable to the local association that has asked to utilize the ground form some domestic matches.

“Well, the Coolidge Cricket Ground is a separate entity or it’s a standalone entity so it’s not that Cricket West Indies or the government can really direct the management of CCG to carry out their bidding. There is a board and yes the representation is on the board so it could come through the board and the board makes that decision then it is something to be carried out,” the Jamaican said.

“What has happened in the past is that at the 11th hour, the association or somebody may say that they want to have it there, but it becomes difficult because when the grounds are used heavily then there needs to be programmed in there, a rehabilitation period,” he added.

Muirhead was replaced by former CWI commercial manager, Nelecia Yates. He was responsible for overseeing the purchase and development of Coolidge as a joint project with the Government of Antigua and Barbuda.

Coolidge, formerly the Stanford Cricket Ground, has become the CWI’s principal asset, and has hosted international matches involving West Indies Women, West Indies A and the domestic Super50 Cup.

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