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By Makeida Antonio

Employees attached to the Ministry of Sports building in Cassada Gardens are the latest set of civil servants to speak out about undesirable working conditions.

Recently, a reliable source provided OBSERVER media with a number of photographs of sections of the ministry which suggested that there is an ongoing issue of mould and mildew in the building.

The source, who did not wish to be named, told our newsroom that after the building has been closed for any extended period of time, there is plain evidence of mould on the top of desks in the offices when the workers return.

The individual also elaborated on a picture of shoe that was sent to our newsroom, which was covered with a greyish substance, and which the source said was evidence of the mould build-up.

The source further indicated that an official from the Central Board of Health has inspected the building, but has determined that there were no significant issues and the building just needs to be thoroughly cleaned.

However, several employees have reportedly developed respiratory ailments and other illnesses, which affect them only after they have been at work inside the office.

In addition to the mould issue, they have also complained of a leaking air conditioning unit.

The workers said that the Minister of Sports, Daryll Matthew, is aware of their concerns which they had outlined during a meeting about two years ago. They claim that nothing has been done to address the matter since.

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