Mother urgently needs funds for major surgery

Rhonda ‘Roshanna’ Spencer
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By Latrishka Thomas

A mother of three is soliciting funds for a surgery that could prevent her from getting cervical cancer.

Rhonda ‘Roshanna’ Spencer, the founder of Helping Hands Girls Club, was diagnosed with Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) linked to the cancer of the uterus in 2018.

She told Observer that “for the past three years they’ve been monitoring the virus by doing minor procedures, minor surgery and the result of the procedures keep coming back not in good record.”

Spencer explained that the virus is known to have three levels of abnormalities in the body and after level 3 there is the possibility of developing stage 1 cervical cancer.

So, to “nip the situation in the bud early”, she is hoping to obtain the monies needed for a costly hysterectomy.

“Mentally, I’m tired and drained because it’s not easy. It’s been a roller coaster situation for the past 3 years,” the young mother lamented.

Persons wishing to contribute can contact Spencer directly at 771-8085 or donate to the Go Fund Me account called “Help Roshanna pay for her surgery and after care.”

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