Asot says he has no intention of leaving ABLP

“The rift between the ‘Dear’ Comrade Leader of the Antigua Barbuda Labour Party, Gaston Browne, and MP for St Peter Asot Michael, widens.” (File photos)
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Member of Parliament (MP) for St Peter, Asot Michael says he has no intention of leaving the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP), even as the division between himself and the ruling administration seems to be widening.

Speaking on the Voice of the People (VOP) Programme on Tuesday, Michael said he would not do anything to injure the party which he says he is still a part of.

 “To be honest, I just can’t contemplate not being a member of that family.”

“It’s a very rich, long-standing history between the Michael family and the Antigua Labour Party and the Antigua Trades and Labour Union and they would not want that history to be broken or shaken,” he told Observer.

Michael said his primary focus is on reconciling with his colleagues.

The relationship between the embattled MP and the party’s executive has been rocky for quite some time.

Political Leader of the ruling party Gaston Browne have publicly stated that the long serving party member will not form part of the future ABLP slate.

As early as last Friday, the party’s General Secretary, Mary Clare Hurst wrote to Michael informing him that he was barred from attending future meetings.

The letter cited Michael’s hostile lawsuits which he filed in the High Court against the executive members and the party’s tribunal.

According to the letter, Michael would be escorted off the property of the ABLP’s headquarter by law enforcement, if he attempted to attend meetings.

The MP however insists that he has a right to be at those meetings as the representative of the St Peter constituency.

“I represent constituents and I’m the duly elected member for St Peter”, he remarked.

On the other hand, Michael has defended the ongoing court matters, saying he felt that party members acted unlawfully towards him when he was stripped of his portfolio after news broke of his alleged involvement in an international bribery scandal.

“None of us are above the law. We are a nation of laws and it applies to each and everyone and right now they are practically in contempt of that injunction that I have against the labour party and the General Secretary and they’re persisting to be punitive against me”, he explained.

The MP maintained that he has no personal grip with Prime Minister and ABLP Party Leader, Gaston Browne and is hoping that their differences could be settled soon.

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