Miss Jaycees 2016 keeps climate change issues on the front burner

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The reigning Jaycees Queen has urged residents across the region to do more to combat the effects of climate change on their respective countries.

While highlighting the effects that global warming, a side effect of climate change, has on the region, Tasia Floissac — who represented the ‘Nature Isle’, Dominica — said that although the Caribbean is not a major contributor, the issue threatens small island countries the most.

“The sad reality about global warming [in reference] to the Caribbean is that we are not even major contributors or in scientific terms, we do not have a large carbon footprint but we are surely feeling the hardest blow,” she said.

Floissac said that global warming is very real and what may seem like an insignificant change, such as a rise in temperature, can throw off the whole globe.

“There are still those around us who call this a hoax. The environment is like a machine working on a different geological cycle and one simple disturbance in the cycle means destruction for all,” she stated.

To prove the life changing effects of this issue, she recounted the destruction that Tropical Storm Erika wreaked on Dominica almost two years ago.


More in today’s Daily Observer.

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