Closer collaboration will help tackle drug and gun smuggling, Customs boss says

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The head of the Customs & Excise Division said the key to successful counter-narcotics operations in Antigua & Barbuda is better collaboration between all internal border protection and law enforcement agencies.

Comptroller of Customs Raju Boddu shared his views in an exclusive interview with OBSERVER media in wake of the capture of four men who allegedly entered the country illegally at Long Bay, on Sunday, and the subsequent discovery of drugs, firearms and ammunition at that location on Tuesday.

“The key thing is collaboration; collaboration of all the law enforcement agencies in the country. So, what we have been doing, if you would have noticed, a lot of law enforcement activities going on and that is as a result of this collaborative effort. Never before have all the law enforcement agencies come together. We have a plan,” he said.

As examples of the successes due to collaboration, Boddu pointed to a recent drug bust at Deep Water Harbour, which preceded Sunday’s capture of the illegal immigrants and the interception of marijuana, guns and ammunition on the beach where the four men were found.


More in today’s Daily Observer.

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