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Ministry of Works condemns vandalism of bus shed


The Ministry of Works is condemning vandalism of public property as the police investigate the damage to one of the recently installed bus sheds along the newly rehabilitated Sir George Walter Highway. 

The new glass bus sheds were erected on Friars Hill Road and Sir George Walter Highway under the flagship Government of Antigua and Barbuda Road Infrastructure Rehabilitation Project, which is being implemented by the Ministry of Works through the Project Implementation Management Unit (PIMU).

The damage to the bus shed included the shattering of one of the that covered the back part of the structure. 

“The public must be cautioned that incidents of vandalism and the defacing of public and private property is against the law of the twin island state and can result in charges and the arrest of those involved in this type of criminal activity,” Works Minister Lennox Weston said in a release.

He is also encouraging individuals and watchdog groups to contact the Ministry of Works or the police with information regarding public vandalism as a means of ensuring public safety. 



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