Minister of Education adopts hands-off approach re private school fees issue

Minister of Education, Michael Browne
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Education Minister Michael Browne said he is adopting a hands-off approach when it comes to the issue of school fees, which are to be paid to private schools on the island.

Browne told OBSERVER this week that his ministry has no legal grounds to intervene as the matter of school fees is a private contractual agreement between parents and the private educational institution.

He, however, revealed that he has spoken with a number of private schools and advised them to have open dialogue with both their staff and parents about their financial situation.

He said he believes this an opportune moment for both parties to take advantage of in building stronger bonds going forward.

Many parents have expressed frustration that some private institutions are setting timelines for school fees to be paid at a time when many have lost their jobs and are now at home.

Parents are also complaining that some students are unable to access the online platforms and therefore are unable to access learning material.

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