Health Minister pledges to improve communication with top technician

Minister of Health, Hon Molwyn Joseph
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Minister of Health said he will be making a concerted effort to improve communications with the Chief Health Inspector, Sharon Martin.

Molwyn Joseph, who appeared on Observer AM on Wednesday, was responding to pronouncements made by Martin earlier this week.

On Monday, Martin told Observer that she had not been officially consulted or informed about the decision taken by Cabinet to reopen restaurants, barber shops, beauty salons and nail shops.

Chief Health Inspector, Sharon Martin

The CBH boss said if her department had been consulted prior, a proper programme would have been designed with specific recommendations where inspections are concerned.

Martin also said that despite this and other challenges, her department continues to function.

However, Joseph acknowledged Martin’s concerns but said that due to the Covid-19 crisis and the developments surrounding it, decisions are not always channelled to everyone at the same time.

He said that in some cases the leaders in his mMinistry should use their initiative to make enquiries so that they are adequately informed, but nevertheless, he will be making a personal effort to address the situation.

Many in the public have noted the Chief Health Inspector’s absence at Covid-19 press conferences and other public health related media outings.

In recent weeks, Prime Minister Gaston Browne had also stated that the Chief Health Inspector has been missing in action.

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