Mechanic missing for two weeks

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Two weeks after Kenneth Dyer of Cassada Gardens #2 left his home, family members said that they are growing anxious awaiting word from police on his whereabouts.
George Dyer said he last saw his brother two Mondays ago, and since it is out of character for him to wander off for so long without contacting his family or returning home, he is appealing to the public for help in tracking him down.
“He does not have a cellphone and he has never, never gone anywhere for so long. He lives alone and I just want to find him. I want to know where he is. I want to know what is going on. I have not seen my brother for two weeks now, and it is puzzling because he is never like that and it is not like he is going out of his mind. He is very collective,” George said yesterday.
The 73-year-old Kenneth works as a mechanic outside his Hawkins Drive home.
He is described as dark in complexion, with a slim build, and approximatley 5 feet, 10 inches tall.     
He was sporting a short haircut and has a scar on his lower jaw that is visible when his beard is cut.
Recounting the last time he shared with his brother, George said that they were in Liberta during Hurricane Irma.  However, when he went to get his brother prior to the passage of Hurricane Maria, he was nowhere to be found.
“I tried all over. The first place he would go is Clare Hall because that is where we are from, but he is not there and even the men in Clare Hall are concerned because he goes there every Wednesday to collect his food rations. They haven’t seen him. I just don’t know anymore,” the sibling said.
A report was made to the police, and anyone with information is asked to call the nearest police station, 462-0125 or 462-3913/4.

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