Man shot dead in Pigotts

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UPDATE: Shooting victim has been identified as Sean Joseph of Bendals.
A man was shot dead in Pigotts last night but up to press time he had not been identified.
The police said they received the report of the incident some time after 7 p.m.
When they responded and began investigating, they learned that residents had heard what sounded like gunshots some time after 6 p.m.
According to one woman on the scene, a passerby saw the body lying faced down in the roadway and raised an alarm.
When OBSERVER media arrived in the poorly lit area, the police were using flashlights to examine the body and the area for evidence.
The body was fully clothed in long jeans and a white vest. The deceased was wearing a pair of slippers.
There was blood on the victim’s face and what appeared to be a gunshot injury to his head.
The deceased was dark in complexion, stocky in size and approximately five feet eight inches tall.
Officers at the scene who did not have authority to speak officially, said several residents looked upon the body but indicated they had no idea who the man was.
A male villager said he heard “three gunshots, one behind the other” but he “didn’t hear any car leaving the area.”
Dr Delrose Christian made the official pronouncement of death at approximately 9 p.m.
This incident brings the number of killings for the year to 19, while there’s a possible 20th case for which an autopsy report is pending on the burnt remains of a man found in scorched vehicle in August.

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