Attorney explains why a murder accused escaped from the police

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Keneca Ryan, an accused murderer, escaped police custody Friday afternoon in an effort to contact his lawyer, Lawrence Daniels.
Daniels made the disclosure to OBSERVER media over the weekend, when he was asked why his client escaped and whether he knew where the 19-year-old Green Bay man went during the three hours he was free.
Daniels said his client was being questioned by the police at the St. John’s Police Station and he [Ryan] said he was not going to participate in the interview in the absence of his attorney.
The lawyer said the police made several attempts to contact him but when the calls were made he was in the High Court.
“Mr Ryan indicated to me that because he thought the police were not making contact with me and they continued to question him, he escaped to speak with his attorney because he did not like the constant questioning despite discussing with the officers that he would like to speak to his attorney,” Daniels said.
Ryan jumped from a balcony at the station on Friday afternoon and made good his escape moments after he was charged with murder in connection with the shooting death of businessman Campbell Jackson.
He then went to meet Daniels who turned him in to the police three hours later.
Prior to Friday’s incident, a wanted bulletin was issued for Ryan on Monday and he turned himself over to police, accompanied by Daniels, on Wednesday.
On Friday, in addition to charging him with murder, charges of attempted murder were also filed. He is accused of attempting to kill Jackson’s son, national footballer Jari Jackson, and his friend Tevin George on May 25 this year, the same day the older Jackson was killed.
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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