Man gets six months for stealing groceries

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By Latrishka Thomas

[email protected]

A convicted thief will be confined behind the walls of Her Majesty’s Prison for the next six months after he admitted to larceny of several cases of food items.

Yesterday, Daren Buckley told the court that on January 16, 2021, he stole a case of corned beef, a case of Stayfree, a case of canned peas, and milk, amounting to $435.45.

He also pleaded guilty to stealing three more cases of goods from the same individual, four days later. Those items were valued at $119.58

In both instances, Buckley was caught on CCTV camera removing the items from a bus which the complainant had parked on St John’s Street.

He was observed stealing the items from the vehicle just after midnight on the days in question.

After she realised that the items were missing, the complainant reviewed the camera footage, which she later took to the police station and made an official report.

Buckley was subsequently arrested and charged.

The court also heard that none of the stolen items had been recovered.

Buckley also violated the curfew restriction to commit the offence, however, he was reprimanded and discharged for that complaint.

Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh presided over the matter in the St John’s Magistrates’ Court yesterday.

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