Man fined $3K for illegal dumping one year ago

The offender was caught in the act
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By Latrishka Thomas

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Another man found himself on the wrong side of the law for dumping garbage on someone else’s property early last year.

Ramey Browne deposited tree trimmings and residential waste on a site in Thibou’s Estate on February 28 2020.

The police were alerted to the offence on the same day, and upon reaching the scene, they saw a blue truck in the process of discarding litter. Some trash had already been dumped.

Three persons were found at the site, including the defendant who was issued with a clean-up order but did not comply.

Browne was subsequently charged but the case was held up in court for over a year as Browne’s lawyer, Kemar Roberts, sought full disclosure before proceeding.

The lawyer told the court yesterday that Browne was hired to take the garbage to the Cooks Landfill but had forgotten the tarpaulin necessary to cover the rubbish in the back of his truck.

He informed his employer who then directed him to an area nearby in Thibou where he could place the waste. 

The lawyer explained that having believed that the land he found belonged to his employer, he deposited the trash there.

Roberts said while the excuse does not negate the fact that the offence was committed it warrants some leniency, especially since his client is a first-time offender.

The attorney went on to explain that Browne did not comply with the removal order because of a misunderstanding.

The prosecution informed the court that the waste was removed but not by the defendant.

Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh then fined Browne $3,000, which must be paid by July 9 or he will spend six months in prison.

Just last month, the National Solid Waste Management Authority brought two other matters before the court, and the defendants — Leroy Campbell and Negari Hector — faced the same penalty and had to compensate the state.

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