Local church spreads love in community

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One local church is spreading the love in its communities, despite Covid-19-related limitations. The Villa Seventh Day Adventist Church – known for its charitable work – is helping feed hungry parishioners.

Two recent food drives saw packages distributed to church members, and also to residents in the surrounding area.

Almost 60 bags containing dry food and toiletries, funded by the church, were sent out.

A soup kitchen and breakfast were also conducted on Sunday mornings in the nearby villages of Yorks, Villa, Fort Road, Gambles and Point. And plans are now being put in place to host quarterly dissemination of clothes too.

“Not even Covid could stop them from continuing God’s work in assisting His people,” said spokeswoman Verlyn Miller.

She said she hopes other groups will follow the church’s lead in assisting the less fortunate in their respective villages.

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