Jamaica examining options for waste to energy solutions

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KINGSTON, Jamaica, Jun 9, CMC – The Jamaica government says it is far advanced in examining options for waste to energy solutions and will embark on a programme aimed at transforming the collection and management of garbage before the end of this year.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness said his administration has commissioned an enterprise team to look at waste disposal in Jamaica, from a national strategic perspective.
“How can we improve waste collection, solid waste collection, and solid waste management and importantly to look at the options for waste to energy”, Holness said, adding that protecting the environment is paramount for the government.
He told an awards ceremony here that all Jamaicans must be responsible when disposing garbage, as improper disposal of plastic bottles does not only destroy our pristine environment but also pose a threat to our infrastructure.
“Recently we saw some of the adverse effects of not doing so and especially now as the hurricane season approaches, we must take greater care and responsibility for how we treat our environment and our environs.”
Holness said the ASCO Releaf Environmental Awareness Programme (REAP) Awards initiative will add to the national effort in managing waste disposal and protecting the environment.
“In order for Jamaica to obtain sustainable growth, we must embed the right mind-set in our children for protecting our environment for future generations. It is not merely a challenge for the education system, it is a challenge for all Jamaicans.
“Our actions have a direct impact on our environment. It also has a direct impact on our safety and security especially when it comes to severe weather events. We all must be responsible,” he said.
Since the start of the project in October 2012,  at least 15,000 trees have been planted and two  million plastic bottles collected across the island.

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