Jailed for stealing preschool supplies

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By Latrishka Thomas

A screwdriver, disinfectant, matches, bleach, spaghetti and meatballs, and a transformer were among the items stolen from the Little Diamond Preschool during a break-in on July 19.

On Tuesday, 53-year-old Dave Henry pleaded guilty to stealing the items, and was sentenced to three months’ imprisonment for breaking and larceny.

On the day in question, the complainant received a call that the Nugent Avenue school had been broken into.

 The matter was reported to the police and, upon examining the premises, the complainant noticed that hinges had been removed from a bathroom window and it was propped up with a piece of steel.

Upon searching further, she found a microwave wrapped in a black plastic bag in the yard, and later realised that the other items were missing.

The stolen items were valued at around $763.

Information received led to the arrest of Henry at the Phonecian Fast food Restaurant, where he dropped a screwdriver upon noticing the police.

He told the court on Tuesday that he had found it near the Princess Margaret School and dropped it because it would have been deemed a weapon.

The Lower Gambles resident was also found with five boxes of matches which the complainant also identified as her stolen property. The other missing items were never recovered.

In his defence, Henry said that he would not have left a microwave if it was involved in the robbery.

However, Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh deduced that he was not able to carry all of the stolen items.

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