Int’l Men’s Day focusses on ‘better health for men and boys’

Initiate Spark commemorated International Men’s Day by hosting a barbershop takeover and contributing food supplies to the Boys Training school. (Photos courtesy Initiate Spark)
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In observance on International Men’s Day, which is celebrated annually on November 19, a local non-profit organisation, Initiate Spark, commemorated the event by hosting a “barbershop takeover” and contributing food supplies to the Boys Training School.

The theme for this year’s observation is ‘better health for men and boys’.

“These activities were meant to shine a light on pressing issues affecting men and boys in Antigua and Barbuda, as well as to offer support to an organisation mandated with educating, training and reforming boys and young men,” a release said.

The barbershop takeover was held at the Magic Scissors barbershop and engaged four persons in discussions around men’s health seeking behaviour, conflict resolution, healthy relationships, gender roles and fatherhood.

Daryl George, Zahra Airall, Arthur Thomas Jr and Jamie Saunders participated in the discussion, while the takeover was filmed by Jamz Pari Visuals.

Initiate Spark’s Vice President, Michael John stated that the purpose of the barbershop takeover was to “teach our boys what it takes to be respectable and exemplary men who are emotionally and psychologically capable of making a positive difference, because they care.’’

The Initiate Spark barbershop takeover can be viewed on Initiate Spark’s social media pages on Instagram and Facebook which is @initiatespark on both platforms.

The NGO also made a contribution of food supplies to the Boys Training School. The group recognised that the boys and the organisation could stand to benefit from some support as we all continue to grapple with the implications of COVID-19.

 “It is the group’s hope that the contribution is one that will bring some added relief to the boys and their families and we encourage other groups and organizations to assist the Boys Training school in any way that they can, as they continue their important work in molding the future of these boys in positive and impactful ways,’’ the secretary, Saunders, said.

Initiate Spark also expressed thanks to Wheels Supermarket for its contribution towards the donation made.

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