Integrity Chairman called upon to recuse himself from controversial investigation

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A regional transparency activist and Secretary of the Free and Fair Election League has determined that it is a direct conflict of interest for the Chairman of the Integrity Commission Radford Hill to investigate a controversial complaint against the Prime Minister.
Hill has been asked to investigate a complaint filed by Senate Minority Leader Harold Lovell.
Lovell has called for an investigation into a land swap involving the Prime Minister Gaston Browne and his son Andron Browne III in which Radford Hill acted as a lawyer for both parties.
President of the Transparency Institute of Guyana Dr Troy Thomas said it would be right for the Chairman of the Integrity Commission to remove himself from the situation.
“I wonder if he already determined that it is frivolous and whether, indeed, it is as a result of his involvement that he is saying that. Just the fact that things [happened] the way they did would raise those questions and that, in itself, means that it is a conflict of interest and I think it would be right for him to recuse himself,” Dr Thomas said.
In the deal in question, the prime minister’s son reportedly bought land for $2 million and quickly resold it for $4 million.
Hill is involved in the deal, having represented Browne’s son as his lawyer, while also representing the firm that purchased the land.
He has not said whether he would recuse himself from that investigation, but he did indicate that he does little work for Browne’s son at this time.
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