Insane Carnival troupe pledges T-Shirt Mas’ will be as good as ever – despite shipment challenges

front 5 insane carnival
The shirts were eventually flown in on Amerijet (Photo courtesy Insane Carnival)
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By Taeco O’Garro

Mas’ troupe Insane Carnival was affected by the global supply chain crisis when the shipment of their all-important shirts was delayed. However, the group says it was determined to provide for patrons and fought back, acquiring the shirts just in time for T-Shirt Mas this Saturday.

The delay has left revellers with less time to customise their attire as is the tradition. But the band’s owner Lenroy “Captain” Browne told Observer he had unwavering faith that this year’s Carnival with the group would be every bit as good as previous years.

 “This year will be no different despite the challenges that we’ve faced and we are looking forward to revel come Saturday,” he said.

Insane Carnival was the target of some angry social media users upset by the band’s announcement earlier this week that it was having difficulty acquiring its garments. Despite this, Browne highlighted the positive messages he had received and credited these loyal patrons with being his “driving force” during all that transpired.

“I think the troopers and the support that they have provided to us during this most difficult time has been the driving force. The text messages, the calls, just to say ‘Captain, continue to push through, no matter what we’ll always be here’, has been the motivation to make sure we have things sorted for them on the road,” Browne explained.

He said criticism of the way Insane handled the tribulations had in fact helped the band to stay focused and face the obstacles head on.

“We know today how critical people are and that’s okay because the critics are who drive you to improve your product, to keep you focused, to ensure that you provide high quality service,” Browne said.

The troupe owner thanked those who had spoken out in support.

“When you have people who are behind you, encouraging you in your most difficult time to let you know that, despite whatever happens, they’ll still be there to support you it gives you that additional boost and drive to ensure you find solutions to make sure they’re happy and to make sure other people are happy as well,” he told Observer.

When asked if he thinks that the mindset he and his troopers share is the reason that they have won ‘Band of the Year’ two years in a row, Browne said, “We have very energetic Insane troopers, and we bring a different vibe to Antigua Carnival. We provide something different, our Insane army theme is unique to Insane Carnival and just the vibes that our troopers bring every year is what has created something special for us on the road,” Browne said.

He added that the troupe was ready and looking forward to hitting the road this Saturday.

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