Hurricane Tammy Preparations

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The National Office of Disaster Services (NODS) is ensuring that everything is in place on the national and community level considering the pending weather associated with, now upgraded, Hurricane Tammy.

Antigua and Barbuda along with several other islands is now under a hurricane warning. Tammy is expected to bring hurricane conditions to portions of the Leeward Islands including Antigua and Barbuda late tonight and Saturday.

Members of the National Emergency Operations Centre (NEOC), which include agencies like the police and defence forces, the central board of health, solid waste among others, along with the district disaster team of volunteers are being updated on the weather and the actions that should be taken at this time.

DDCs have been in contact with shelter managers, damage assessment teams and Community Emergency Response teams to ensure their plans are finalized. 

The cleaning of drains has been ongoing in several districts that flood regularly. These include Mahico Drive and Hawkins Drive in Cassada Gardens and Sir Sydney Walling Highway among others.

Meanwhile, NODS is advising residents to make sure final preparations are completed way ahead of any impact or heavy rains. Residents who live in areas that flood should move to safer locations early. Employers should also ensure that their staff get adequate time to reach home to avoid any difficult situations on the roads.

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