Horsford Hill vendors want PM’s intervention

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Thirteen irate souvenir vendors at Horsford Hill have sent out an “SOS” to Prime Minister Gaston Browne as their seemingly one-sided dispute with the National Parks Authority (NPA) picks up steam.
For the second straight day, the tempers of the sellers flared on Friday, when police officers stopped taxi drivers from setting down cruise ship passengers by the stalls that overlook the picturesque panorama of Falmouth Harbour.
“This is an injustice. We need the prime minister to come and see what is going on with us. We need the minister of tourism and our representative to come see,” pleaded one woman who wanted to be referred to only as Olivet.
Their contention with the NPA is the lack of bathrooms and running water at the Horsford Hill vendors’ site. They have threatened to withhold the monthly rental fee of $125 until the promised facilities are built.
Olivet, who has emerged as a spokesperson for the vendors, said they believe the presence of the police and their clampdown is a retaliation from the Commissioner of the NPA, Anne-Marie Martin.
But Martin has said she was surprised at the stance of the sellers since she was not aware of any “vexing issues”.
She explained that numerous complaints and expressions of concern from the public, about tourists wandering “carelessly across the busy roadway”, prompted the NPA to consult with the police in order to prevent such actions.
The intention is also to prevent taxis from double parking.
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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