Homicide victim shot in the heart

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An autopsy conducted on the body of the country’s most recent homicide victim determined that 28-year-old Adrian Shand was shot in the heart.
According to police sources, the post-mortem conducted by a government pathologist yesterday concluded that his death was due to cardiac tamponade due to a gunshot wound.
Cardiac tamponade also known as pericardial tamponade is pressure on the heart that occurs when blood or fluid builds up in the space between the heart muscle and the outer covering sac of the heart. The blood or fluid collects in the sac surrounding the heart.
It was also determined that Shand was shot four times, two of the bullets were recovered at the hospital on the night of his death, one at autopsy and the other bullet exited his body, perhaps at the scene, as suggested by the exit wound.
The inquest into the death which has already started has since been postponed.
The source said a preliminary report of the autopsy was prepared for the coroner. The role of the coroner is to determine if someone should be held responsible for the death or to rule if the death was due to an accident.
The conclusion of the autopsy means that the family can now receive Shand’s body, along with the warrant for burial, so he can be laid to rest.
Shand, of Cook’s Hill, was shot in Yorks about 2:15 a.m., on September 19, while he and his girlfriend were asleep. He was rushed to Mount St. John’s Medical Centre where he died.
The autopsy said he was shot in the side of the body and in the arm, but, the kill shot was to the heart. His girlfriend escaped with her life and underwent surgery for serious injuries.
Meanwhile, the police said no date has been set for the autopsy on the former inmate of Her Majesty’s Prison Codayro Joseph who was discovered hanging in his jail cell last month.
The 28-year-old Liberta man was serving a 35-year sentence for shooting Coldrick Lewis while he was sitting at a bar on Father’s Day in 2011.
Lewis, who had just gotten off the phone with his three children who were living in England, went to the bar located several yards from his apartment when Joseph entered the bar, armed with a 9 mm Para Oozy, sprayed several shots in the building and robbed the patrons and the employees.
It was only after the chaos ended it was discovered that Lewis had been shot in the head.

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