Homicide victim remembered as ‘magical, smiling and passionate about life’, Post-mortem exams conclude two Mexicans died from gunshot wounds

Rodolfo Sandoval Stone (left) and Cesar Santos Ramirez (File photos)
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By Makeida Antonio

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Post-mortem examinations conducted on two Mexican nationals who were the victims of a double homicide three weeks ago, revealed that both men died from gunshot wounds.  

Rodolfo Sandoval Stone, 39, and 36-year-old Cesar Santos Ramirez were fatally shot at Pillar Rock on September 8.

According to police spokesperson Inspector Frankie Thomas, the post-mortems were conducted on Monday and Wednesday. No one has been charged to date in connection with the incident.

“To talk about Rodolfo is to talk about life,” according to his girlfriend, Montserrat Mercado.

She described him as magical, smiling, and passionate about life. She also told Observer that he enjoyed exercise, travel, and time spent with family and friends.

“He always helped people, he was attentive, gentlemanly, he was incredible! He always had a radiant smile and such a positive outlook on life that he infected everyone with his good humour. 

“He loved to sing and laugh loud, enjoyed playing Xbox and watching a good movie,” Mercado said in exclusive interview.

Sandoval Stone, she said, was a football player and studied business administration at Universidad de las Américas Puebla, a Mexican private university located in San Andrés Cholula.

“He was incredible, my ‘wuero’ [handsome/blond]. A man with values, loving, and many goals in life. He was an only child; imagine how his parents are with this news. It is a pain that I do not wish on anyone in life,” she shared.

Mercado also disclosed that he intended to return to Mexico this month due to becoming “uncomfortable” at the resort he worked at in Antigua.

He was recruited by the resort last year and had been working there for almost a year.

“I can assure you that since April he was no longer happy with the job. He didn’t tell me about the problems, but knowing him, there were things that worried him and made him feel uncomfortable,” she added.

She is requesting answers into the tragic incident which has shattered not only her life, but has also affected many people who knew him.

His parents are inconsolable, she added.

“I still can’t get used to the idea of not seeing him anymore, not listening to him, and especially not hugging him again. I can only assure you that he did not deserve to die like that. He really didn’t,” Mercado added.

Meanwhile, police continue to appeal for the public’s assistance as investigations remain ongoing.

The lawmen said several people had been interviewed in relation to the investigation.

About two weeks ago, another Mexican national who is also said to work at the hotel, was thought to be involved in the homicides. He has since been released from custody.

Both victims reportedly held management positions at the leading local resort.

It was previously reported that the two men had been found dead in a swimming pool at an apartment complex in the area.

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