Homeless residents say they want gifts of food this Christmas

A few homeless people congregate in front of the old Miami Supermarket in St John’s (Photo by Observer’s Elesha George)
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By Elesha George

[email protected]

“We want ham and turkey,” he said, as he sat around with his friends in the capital one glorious afternoon.

There’s a dog eating scraps from the streets near where they congregate in the vicinity of the St John’s Public Market.

The man’s cheeks look chubby and his smile is broad but he is hungry even while he speaks cheerfully of getting assistance for the homeless on the streets this Christmas.

Nabu Lincoln Harris, his “official, official” name, he commented, wants to be able to have enough food to enjoy the holidays.

“Arwe wha ham and turkey fuh enjoy arweself,” he said, pointing to a building nearby where he imagined they would set up a grill to cook.

He also invited the Prime Minister to visit them and to see how they are living.

Mitchum Hope, who hangs with the vagrants in St John’s, said he’s willing to cook the meats and bring it to the homeless. He’s asking anyone who is willing to assist to bring the meat to his home in Potters near the Adventist Church where he hangs out casually.

“I want to have a very merry Christmas and I want something to eat too,” remarked Emmanuel Colborne, as he laid stretched out on the concrete near the market.

Alphonso Joseph will celebrate his birthday on Boxing Day and he wants to have a get-together at his home on Union Road.

“Me ah cook pig mout’ and season rice,” he advertised.

And, although he does not have much, he is extending an invitation for others to bring something and join him in celebrating his special day.

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