HIV/AIDS official urges safe sex practices as Carnival gets into full swing

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The AIDS Programme Manager for Antigua & Barbuda is urging carnival revelers not to engage in risky and unprotected sex, as she reminds the nation that condoms are available in the mas bands.
Delcora Williams says the aim is to reduce the number of HIV/AIDS cases here and she points out that usually, festivities coupled with excessive drinking can alter a person’s judgment.
“Throughout the Carnival season, we have the national AIDS programme giving condoms at every show, making sure condoms are available because sometimes when we become drunk we become very courageous and we do things that could expose us to HIV…we would like everybody to ensure that with celebrating greatness it comes with the responsibility that they remain HIV negative,” she says.
Williams says there’s evidence to show that a lot of unprotected sexual activities take place during most festivals.
“I am a nurse midwife and I have seen nine months after carnival, nine months after most festivals, when it is carnival, Christmas, Valentines, that we do have an increase in deliveries and that tells us people do engage in unprotected sex. That is why we are making sure that protection is available…when we are relaxed we do not really do things that are right as they should be…if you’re engaging in sex, do so with protection,” she advises.

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