He emerges from the Snake Pit

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By Patriotic Citizen

Standing amiably, as he holds the baton in readiness to make a decisive move, the juggernaut of our time steps into position at the behest of a people’s plight – that of wallowing in the trenches of a failing State. As he looks inwardly, halting but for a moment between two opinions, the need to step out into a new arena becomes clearer, and he welcomes his ultimate decision to serve a people led astray by a self-absorbed administration that threatens to destroy the fragile future of his beloved country.

Now energised, he girds his stance to make this move, weighing the fundamental reasons that propel him on this journey of service. As he listens with keen interest to the cries of a people stranded in the wilderness, a sense of pride reignites his passion to challenge the status quo.

Reliably informed of the daunting tasks that plague this country, like the blatant rape of its patronage, given away on laden platters by greedy politicians bent on self-enrichment, to unscrupulous investors that have little regard for the government save as useful idiots that serve their exploitative purposes, to the disrespect of a prime minister aiming to diminish the worth of the citizenry, the land cries out for justice, and he cannot dismiss the call.

With undisguised disgust, he has watched in astonishment as more and more people have fallen prey to the empty promises from their leaders. But the tide is a-turning. Enough is enough. Something has to be done, and he raises his hand in readiness to serve. His advocacy for good governance, accountability and transparency constrains him.

He is proud of what he represents, and steps out of his comfort zone to embrace the ambitious undertaking of elective politics. He wants to be the difference in this effort to save our country. As a man of faith, he invokes the presence and guidance of the Almighty.

Affectionately known as Serpent, he is ready with his witty character and his roguish charm, to capture the imagination and the hearts of his many supporters, both in radio land and his constituency. He is ready, willing and able to take the fight to the frontlines to confront the real enemies of the State – the political directorate. He’s been thus engaged for all of his public life, speaking truth to power without fear or favour.

The SNAKE PIT, his humble dwelling place, where he feasts on the innards of those who incur his wrath, and filled with the carcasses of the damned, will have to make room for more, because he stands ready to strike the fatal blow to his prey.

Will anyone survive his deadly strike?  For the sake of his beloved country, he is determined not.

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