Hats off to young Lamount Evanson

“Young Antiguan makes waves.” (Photo contributed)
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Our hearts swelled with enormous pride when we heard the wonderful news that 22-year-old Lamount Rommel Evanson, the son of Neil ‘Yellow’ Evanson and Inez Lapps, had made history as Lehman College’s first Schwarzman Scholar. Lamount is also the first Antiguan ever to win the prestigious award.  He will be in the 2021-2022 class of Schwarzman Scholars upon his graduation next month from Lehman in New York City, with a major in chemistry. He will then journey to Beijing on an elite graduate fellowship at Tsinghua University, pursuing an MD and PhD as a physician-scientist. According to Lamount, “I want to know how I can impact policy and change the way that health care is provided. I want to change the way how HIV/AIDS is viewed in the Caribbean region, and institute programs that educate the public about it.”  We here at NEWSCO concur with the young Evanson that the delivery of proper health careis a most urgent need, and we certainlywish him all the best in his chosen calling.

Seems, young, bright Antiguans and Barbudans are still distinguishing themselves at home and abroad, and the shining example set by Lamont is one from which much can be learned.

Consider his sterling work ethic. Ms Daphne Marshall, his former Spanish teacher at the Antigua Grammar School, from which he graduated tied at the top of his class in 2015, remembers him as “A well-behaved young man, unfailingly polite, who was studious, dependable, punctual, and blessed with a keen sense of duty.” Marshall continues that, “Young Evanson was one who always completed his assignments, and I am really very proud of him. I encourage him to keep up the excellent work, and in the spirit of the ol’ alma mater, to keep on blossoming and flourishing.” Indeed!

 Headmaster Sam Roberts, though he never taught Evanson, concurs. He indicates that all Grammarians, past and present, are tremendously proud of his accomplishments, and wish him every continued success.

Lamount Evanson was also a student at the Island Academy Bachelorette two-year programme where former classmates remember him as “An earnest, likeable, principled and dedicated student who was an inspiration to us all.”

As you can imagine, Lamount’s dad, Neil, is quite pleased with his son’s outstanding effort so far. He says that he knew that Lamount had what it took to be a success in life, and he is wishing him all the blessings of the Almighty. Inez, his mother, was quite overcome with joy when, in between tears of happiness, she explained that she always expected the best from him, and she knew that he would succeed because he was always so very focused and disciplined.

His maternal grandmother, Averil Evanson, was also quite emotional when she shared how extremely proud she is of Lamount. She said that she always saw the great potential in him, and was quite impressed by his many wonderful attributes. She indicates that she will be praying that the good Lord will cover him with His precious blood as he journeys on to a brand new chapter in a brave new world.

Not surprisingly, a older cousin with whom he lived in New York City, and a scholar in her own right, Tenisha Swift, shares that she was always pleased by his passion, perseverance and commitment to his long-term goals. His integrity and his steadfast determination to help others and make a difference was also quite admirable. His aunts, Lori Ann Evanson Joseph, and Sherry Ann Quinn also echo similar sentiments.

We certainly extend heartiest congratulations to you, Lamount Evanson. As per the old Irish blessing, “May the road ever rise to meet you, and may the wind be ever at your back. May the sun shine full on your face, and the rain fall fast on your fields. May God’s choicest blessings be yours in all your future endeavours.” Semper virens – Always flourishing!

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