Gunmen rob Tyre shop

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“Disturbed” is how a tyre sale and repair shop proprietor said he was feeling after masked gunmen held up his Potters Village business place and robbed him.
At approximately 11:30 yesterday morning two masked men stormed the newly established A Team Automotive Services and demanded the morning’s earnings. 
The lone male employee at the shop said the robber called him a derogatory name before saying, “Shut yuh mouth.” At the time, the first gunman was standing several yards away from the worker.
The young man said he was sitting on a chair inside the storage container that was converted into a workshop when he heard footsteps.
He recalled observing a suspicious silver Toyota Allion passing the shop twice, but, on each occasion, the car didn’t stop so he continued about his business.
“I heard the footsteps and then I heard [cranking sound of a shotgun]. The man came and point the gun straight to me. I didn’t move. Then I saw the other one with the handgun,” the employee added. “The one with the big gun, is he was the one doing all the pointing and the talking.
While the employee said he remained motionless, the gunman who was  wearing dark clothing  and a piece of cloth covering his face, walked over to his boss.
The masked man carrying the handgun kept an eye on the employee while the other bandit with the shotgun robbed the boss.
The businessman told OBSERVER media the gunman was standing approximately two yards away from him with the weapon pointed at him.
“He said give me your [expletive omitted] money or me kill,” the proprietor said.
The noticeably upset businessman said he handed over the money and the two fled.
“I heard nothing,” is how he responded to the question about hearing a vehicle door slam or the vehicle fleeing the scene.
“It disturbs me that it was a situation I could do nothing about,” he added.
The police were called, but, by the time they arrived on the scene, the gunmen were long gone.
“Is like they want people [do things to] them, them young man don’t want to work for what they want, people work hard,” the employee added.
The police are asking anyone with information about  this robbery to contact the Criminal Investigation 
Department at 462-3913 or 3914.

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