Grim prognosis for shooting victim

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The family of Michael Jacobs-Murphy said they have been told to brace for the worst as the Cassada Gardens man languishes in critical condition with more than six bullet wounds to the upper body.
One of Jacobs-Murphy’s sisters told OBSERVER media yesterday that the 42- year-old who was rushed to Mount St John’s Medical Centre, is on life-support and was listed in a critical condition.
The sister who did not wish to be named said doctors operated on the comatose patient, affectionately known as ‘I-Bob’ or ‘Bobob,’ for over six hours to remove about seven bullets that were lodged in his chest and arm.
“Because he is on life support and one of the bullets pierced his liver, the doctor said it does not look good but [yesterday] morning they said it is a 50/50 chance that he will wake up or die. It is hard because [Sunday] night they told us it was very serious and then this was the update,” the woman said.
Doctors at the Mount St John’s Medical Centre performed two operations on Jacobs-Murphy on Sunday to remove the bullets.
The sibling said the family is anxiously awaiting words of improvement because, Jacobs-Murphy is the eldest child for their father.
“We are holding tight I guess…you know you read about these things in the news happening to other people and you just never imagined it would be you, or you would sympathize with them and think it would be hard but how hard it would be for a family—you could never imagine,” she said.
“The doctor didn’t tell us exactly, they just told us multiple shots to the chest and one bullet punctured the liver.”
The shooting victim who works as a construction worker is the father of three daughters and resided in Villa and Gray’s Farm before recently relocating to Cassada Gardens with his grandmother.
The relative said up to yesterday they were not notified by police about the shooting.
Jacobs-Murphy was standing outside a bar on Sunday in St Johnston’s Village, when at about 1:30 am, a gunman opened fire. The man was struck at least seven times and two shots pierced a three-bedroom home where a woman and young girl were asleep, before passing through and lodging in another house.
No one has been detained in connection with this shooting. Anyone with information is asked to contact the nearest police station or the Criminal Investigation Department.

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