AIDS Secretariat to increase focus on fete goers

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The HIV-AIDS Outreach Coordinator, Gail Aska said she will be targeting unsafe sex practices after fetes in the new year.
She said she will make tackling the “alarming” practice part of her 2018 mandate based on what she has witnessed, having gone to several of these events.
Aska said more youth are becoming intoxicated “and they don’t know themselves”.
Her comments came as she gave the results from the AIDS Secretariat’s recently concluded Regional Testing Day activities for 2017 in which it was confirmed that 11 new people have tested positive for the disease.
The secretariat hosted several sites across the island in an effort to test 2000 people during their activities, which spanned over a week. However, The AIDS secretariat managed to test 1831 people, among them were 693 males.
Of those tested, seven men were positive, four of whom were in the 50 and over age group. There was one positive case, respectively in the 20-24, 25-29 and 30-34 age groups.
There were 1138 females tested, with four positive cases. According to the report, in the 15 to 19 age group, there was one case; in the 20 to 24 category, there were two positive cases and from 25 to 29 there was 1 positive case.
Aska said the trend of older age groups in males contracting the disease and younger groups in females persists and it is a cause for concern.

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