Grenades Gen Sec believes Edwards’ announcement premeditated

Former national coach and striker, Derrick Edwards. (File photo)
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By Neto Baptiste

General Secretary of the Grenades Football Club, Edson Joseph, believes an announcement by former national coach and striker Derrick Edwards that he will leave the club’s top coaching position may have been premature.

Speaking on the Good Morning Jojo Sports Show, Joseph said although things may not have always worked as they should, the coaching and management staff enjoyed a good working relationship.

“I heard him on the radio and I think his pronouncement was early. I think it was premature but if he is ever open to working with us, we are happy to work with him. Sometimes, we have disagreements and especially since I am a strong personality, and sometimes I disagree with some decisions but that’s his call,” he said.

“At the end of the day, we may find our decisions good, but other people who sit on the bench or in the chair relaxing and watching would, most times, think decisions are wrong, but we don’t take animosities, just difference of opinions,” he added. 

Edwards, back in October last year, announced his intentions to leave coaching at the senior level and instead, concentrate on developing the country’s youths.

Ironically, the coach’s decision followed that of the football association’s to cancel the 2019/20 domestic season, a move which saw Grenades not being crowned champions of the Premier Division. Grenades led the 10-team competition by two points with two rounds pf matches left.

Joseph is hoping that Edwards would reconsider ahead of the next possible season as they have both enjoyed a good working relationship.

“If I do have discussions with the coach sometimes, I think that once he believes the idea could work that he would give it a try. I think I have very good knowledge [of the game] and I think the coach would tell you that also. Although I may not play it, I understand it well. I would have coached it as well as I am a trained coach and sometimes I think I withdraw myself too much from the process. I think that Mr. Edwards, our coach for the past five years, would have appreciated if I would have had more dialogue with him,” he said.

The FA, in October last year, issued a statement advising the public that its 2019/20 domestic season had been cancelled but that as part of restructuring efforts six teams will be promoted from the First to the Premier Division while six teams will also be promoted from the Second to the First Division.

The football association, however, decided to not crown champions in the Premier Division while no teams were demoted from any of the eligible divisions.

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