Grays Green Community Centre to be named after Baldwin Spencer

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The sports complex and community centre currently under construction at Knuckle Block in Green Bay will be named after former Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer.
The Cabinet of Antigua and Barbuda said the facility will be named the Baldwin Spencer Sports Complex, in honour of Spencer’s 29 years of service to parliament as the representative of the St. John’s Rural West Constituency and 10 years as prime minister.
 Festivals Minister, Daryll Matthew, who chaired the Cabinet press briefing on Thursday, said the honour was befitting.
However, Democratic National Alliance’s finance and economy spokesman, Anthony Stuart who spoke on OBSERVER Radio earlier yesterday said there is no need to name the facility after a politician.
“I believe there are other persons who these facilities could be named after. A person who comes to mind is Keithley “KS” Sheppherd who has represented the country on many occasions,” Stuart said.
In an interesting turn of events, the Cabinet also
revealed that the King George the fifth grounds would be re-named in honour of Keithley “KS” Shephard, an outstanding athlete from the Grays Green Community.
This was hours after Stuart made the recommendation.
When OBSERVER media spoke to the DNA member for the second time yesterday, he was happy with the government’s decision this time around.
“I am in full support of the recognition given to Keithley “KS” Shephard. I believe that not only the grounds should be named after him, but the entire sporting complex,” Sheppherd said.

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