Antigua and Barbuda more compliant with international travel regulations for minors

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Antigua and Barbuda said that it is complying more with “international regulations” that require a parent traveling with his or her U.S. minor child or children to have permission from the other parent.
The Human Trafficking ‘Prevention’ Committee told OBSERVER media that unaccompanied minors, and minors travelling with one parent, need written permission to travel abroad.
“Even to get travel documents in Antigua and Barbuda, the parents have to sign on the form and if you are traveling with the child, the mother or father has to sign on the consent form to say that he or she allowed them to get passports or travel,” a member of the committee said yesterday.
The issue was brought to the fore earlier this week when one parent purchasing airline tickets for her child and the child’s father to travel to the U.S., was told by a U.S.-based airline that a notarised letter is part of the requirements being enforced, and even if the parents are married, the document must be presented.
  However, the committee member said that even though the regulations had been in place for decades, they were not usually enforced.
“Antigua and Barbuda is working harder to ensure these policies are adhered to and upheld, and it is also an international regulation that the airline is enforcing. The requirements are even more [stringent] if the child is traveling alone or with someone who is not a parent,” the committee member added.
Another committee member, who did not wish to be named because of the sensitive issues the committee is tasked with, stated that the airlines have been instrumental in identifying possible human trafficking victims, adding that some signs can include an aloof, timid person who doesn’t make eye contact.
The enforcement of the regulations is part of sweeping changes affecting some Caribbean countries including Antigua and Barbuda.
The requirements are reportedly causing some discomfort for passengers who arrive at the airport only to learn that they need the document.
Checks to the websites of the two U.S. based airlines that service Antigua and Barbuda reveal that consent must be given for travel with a child.
American Airlines states under International Travel with Infants and Children that, “To travel internationally, all children, regardless of age, must have a passport and any travel documents required by the countries visited. If you’re traveling internationally with anyone under 18, you may be required to show documentary evidence of your relationship and a Letter of Consent or permission for the child’s travel from the parent(s) or legal guardian not present.”

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