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Gov’t uniform programme extended until end of November

Organizers of the School Uniform Grant Programme (SUGP) have reopened to allow parents and guardians another opportunity to redeem outstanding vouchers.

The programme, which commenced in July, ended on 28th August.

Reports indicate that many beneficiaries did not trade in their vouchers for school uniforms and so the date to collect has been extended to November 30, 2021.

Programme Supervisor Tanesha McKenzie–James also said the programme had a number of requests from vendors for an extension to redeem the vouchers.

”We have contacted all our vendors. They were notified of the extension so therefore parents and guardians with vouchers that they have not redeemed as yet, they can go to their specific vendors to collect the school uniforms,” she explained.

The extension is not to apply for new vouchers but for people who have already collected vouchers.

The School Uniform Grant Programme was introduced 16 years ago and continues to be one of the largest social programmes in the country.



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