Good news for child who was at risk of losing leg

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Four-year-old Faith Laville will not lose her leg which was badly injured in an accident on October 5.
Doctors had feared they would have to amputate the kindergartner’s left leg, from below the knee.
This was after she was knocked down and dragged under a vehicle while utilising a pedestrian crossing. At the time of the incident, she was with her older siblings.
Vanessa Laville says her daughter will be spared the trauma of losing her leg. 
“She is getting along, she is getting there one day at a time…but she’s alive…she will be spending her birthday here at the hospital,” the woman said.
Despite the good news, Laville recognises that there is still a long way to go.
“She has a long road a head of her as in recovery because there are surgeries to be done and then after the surgeries there is recovery and then therapy. It is like she’s starting all over again,” Laville added.
Virgin Bougouneau, the driver involved in the accident, was charged with dangerous driving and her case is set for January 8.

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