Gonsalves: Griffith issue closed

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President of the Antigua and Barbuda Football Association (ABFA) Everton Gonsalves revealed this week that the protest initiated by the Grenades Football Club, in January, asking that the eligibility of one player be scrutinised has not been substantiated by credible evidence. 
Gonsalves made the statement after being questioned on the status of the investigation launched, after Grenades questioned whether or not national captain Quinton Griffith was under contract with his United Soccer League (USL) club, Charleston Battery when he turned out for local club, Five Islands FC in the ABFA’s Premier Division this year.
“Because of the late start of the season, a transfer window is able to be taken advantage of legally by a number of teams. The only concern we have is that we will make every effort to start the 2018/2019 season at a particular date so that the transfer falls right at the time it is expected to fall,” he said.
“The only thing that a number of the clubs are maybe not watching, is that some of these players who are transferred during this period can only be transferred back at the start of the 2018/19 season,” he added.
Grenades, on January 7, wrote a letter of protest to the ABFA despite a 1-0 victory over the newly-promoted Five Islands FC.
Grenades, according to reports, had also written to one regional body, CONCACAF, voicing their concerns over the slow manner in which the ABFA is handling the issue.
Gonsalves also spoke on the current movement of players to teams destined for the FA’s promotional playoff competitions, stating that the FA has no objections as the players are moving within a FIFA recognized transfer window.
“The claimant’s claim has never been substantiated to the full. We have done our investigations and have one more piece of information to gather and then we will issue a final statement in due course. It was a legal registration as far as the information I have is showing at this time,” Gonsalves said.
Five Islands fell just two points short of the top spot, finishing with 35 points in the number two slot in the 10-team standings. They had 10 victories, five draws and three losses in their 18 appearances.
Greenbay Hoppers clinched the title with 37 points after picking up 11 wins, four draws and three losses.

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