Former national footballer calls for national plan

Former national player and coach, Ivor Luke
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By Neto Baptiste 

Former national player and coach, Ivor Luke, believes it is time for the development of a national plan for football.

The former Lion Hill Spliff player, who will seek election as a vice president when the Antigua and Barbuda Football Association (ABFA) elections are held this year, made the call while speaking on the Good Morning Jojo Sports Show.

“Antigua has a few academies yes, but we need to come together and even if we need to look for expert help, although I believe we have enough persons here that can do the job, it is time to pool our intellect and have like a syllabus, a training plan so everybody can use so that you could develop and measure competency,” he said. 

Luke, who believes that other Caribbean countries have progressed past Antigua and Barbuda from an infrastructural standpoint, said there is a need for development in that area.

“One of the main things we really have to look to do is try and develop some fields in strategic areas, so if you have a field in Jennings or Bolans for instance, then the whole south of the island could use that.

“If you’re having a camp and you could have the players in a room because you know how our sun could be hot so you come off the field and you’re in the shade, in the stands. There is bathroom facilities if somebody needs to go to the bathroom but it does not exist. The only place it exists is Liberta,” he said.

Elections are constitutionally due in May but in a recent communique to its clubs, the football association said that elections will be held at the earliest possible date in line with national health and safety regulations.

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