Former hospital orderly faces fraud charges

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By Latrishka Thomas

[email protected]

A 22-year-old man from Gray’s Farm is accused of defrauding a financial institution through a loan application.

Roheem Williams, a former orderly at the Mount St. John’s Medical Centre, is charged with receiving, obtaining goods under false pretenses, and uttering. He reportedly defrauded Advance Caribbean in Antigua and Barbuda in late 2020, and it is said that he received monies as a result of an application.

Williams was arrested and charged in October 2020 and granted bail.

He appeared before Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh yesterday and was served his case file.

His committal hearing was then set for May 31, at which time, he will find out if there is enough evidence against him for the matter to be committed to the High Court.

Meanwhile, a young couple who is believed to have forged and cashed several cheques in November 2020 will find out today whether there is a prima facie case against them.

Twenty-two-year-old Auriae Aaron and 21-year-old Troy Davis are charged with forgery, obtaining, and uttering.

Aaron was reportedly an employee at a real estate company a few years ago and is believed to have later approached her former employer and requested a reference letter.

Some time that day she reportedly wrote a letter which purportedly granted her permission to collect cheque books on behalf of the company, with the forged signature of the person who wrote the reference letter attached. 

The bank gave her the cheque books which she reportedly used to write several cheques.

Aaron and her boyfriend later attempted to cash those cheques and were reportedly successful in cashing at least one cheque at a gas station before the cashier contacted the police.

The cashier’s suspicion was said to have been aroused due to the frequency and number of the cheques that they were cashing.

The duo appeared before Chief Magistrate Walsh last year and were each granted $4,000 bail on the condition that they each pay $1,000 in cash, surrender their travel documents, report to a police station three days a week, and provide two sureties.

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