Football Clubs Set to Host Extraordinary Congress after Request Ignored by ABFA

Acting President of the ABFA, Daryl Michael
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By Neto Baptiste

Twenty-eight member clubs of the Antigua and Barbuda Football Association (ABFA) will press forward with an “extraordinary congress” after their request to the local governing body to convene the constitutionally due gathering have reportedly been ignored.

The clubs penned a letter to the FA back in June this year requesting the meeting to which the FA reportedly never replied. The clubs have however issued a notice to all members that the meeting will be held on October 1 at the Multipurpose and Exhibition Cultural Centre at Perry Bay.

In the missive, the clubs pointed to Article 28.2 of the body’s constitution which they believe, gives them the authority to convene the meeting.

Article 28.2 reads “If an Extraordinary Congress is not convened, the members who requested it may convene the congress themselves.”

Any decisions taken at said congress will stand.

President of the Liberta Sports Club, Kenneth Benjamin, is hoping that all clubs will see the benefit in turning out for the meeting.

“About 20 plus clubs did vote for Barbara, and I think there will be a good turnout. I am just hoping that even some of them who didn’t vote for them will come because there cannot be anything more incompetent than what we have seen for the last couple of months from the Antigua and Barbuda Football Association,” he said.

The clubs are set to discuss a number of issues at the October 1 meeting including:

  1. President’s absence since elected (April 25, 2022).
  2. Absence of the 2022 Congress.
  3. Failure to release second tranche of the Covid-19 Relief Funds to clubs.
  4. Awards and prize monies 2022-2023.
  5. Revision and reform of ABFA constitution as directed by FIFA.

Acting president of the ABFA, Daryl Michael said the body is aware of the development that they “will have word very soon.” The FA has not met with the general body since the 2022 elections.

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