‘Foolish rhetoric’: Union condemns PM Browne’s attack on APUA employees

Publicly-owned APUA is responsible for water supply nationwide (Photo courtesy APUA website)
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The Antigua and Barbuda Workers’ Union (ABWU) has expressed its disappointment in comments made by Prime Minister Gaston Browne on his radio station – Pointe FM – on Saturday.

In a press release, the union noted that Browne had accused employees of state-owned utility company APUA of sabotaging the water network. He also went on to threaten the employment of several staff.

“These unfortunate statements come only a few days after the voters of this country issued a warning notice to the Prime Minister to “shape up or be removed from office”. We wish to remind the Prime Minister that some of these very workers whom he threatened voted for him in the last general elections,” the release said.

“Further, we are bewildered by the illogical reasoning of the Prime Minister to suggest that APUA workers would deliberately bring hardship on their families, friends, and coworkers in communities across Antigua and Barbuda by suppressing the water supply.

“But truth be told, our members have worked tirelessly to ensure the distribution of water is done within the scheduled times. However, the workers of the Water Department cannot deliver what is not there,” the communique continued.

“We at the Antigua and Barbuda Workers’ Union condemn the attack of Prime Minister Browne on the employees of the APUA Water Department and urge him to restrain his tongue, particularly in the absence of verifiable evidence. These attacks only serve to demoralise the efforts of the hard-working employees,” it added.

The ABWU further encouraged its members to continue to perform above and beyond expectations and not to be distracted by “the Prime Minister’s idle threats and foolish rhetoric”.

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