Flow strikes the right note

Flow’s Joe Mathieson (back left) enjoys a rendition from the young musicians (Photo courtesy Flow)
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The Antigua and Barbuda Youth Symphony Orchestra (ABYSO) is back at rehearsals thanks to Flow’s timely support. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic the normal in-person workshops for the students at the youth symphony orchestra could not be conducted as the facilitators were unable to travel to Antigua.

However, thanks to the benefit of virtual technology and the support of Flow’s reliable broadband service, a virtual solution was implemented allowing the students to continue their workshop sessions over the Zoom platform.

On August 28 and September 4, the members of the ABYSO participated in the first MusAid Virtual Maintenance Workshop for Brass facilitated by Andy Frobig along with Avery Waite, Executive Director of MusAid.

ABYSO’s members come from the talented and diverse pool of youth musicians across Antigua and Barbuda.

Antigua and Barbuda’s High Commissioner to the UK and Chair of ABYSO, Her Excellency Karen-Mae Coralie Hill, commented that “the ABYSO has been able to sustain and grow its programmes in this challenging period by using technology to virtually connect music students with mentors situated all over the world and locally.

“We extend a great big thanks to Flow for its generous sponsorship of some of the internet services needed to allow the ABYSO to continue making music. Both our members and their mentors have spoken about the significant mental health benefits the ability to make and share wholesome music have given to them.”

Flow’s Country Manager for Antigua and Barbuda, Joe Mathieson, met with the woodwind instruments section of the ABYSO during a band practice. While masked and observing social distance protocols, he applauded their efforts.

He commented that “the members of the ABYSO have done a remarkable job in preserving this music genre and fuelling its growth among the young musical maestros of our nation”.

“Flow is delighted to offer complimentary broadband services to contribute towards this excellent initiative for some of the most talented young people in our nation. Flow remains steadfast and committed to supporting initiatives such as these that benefit the youth in the communities that we serve,” Mathieson added.

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